Kate Middleton Wedding Dress and the Winning Designer is..

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Kate Middleton Wedding Dress and the Winning Designer is..

Kate Middleton Wedding Dress and the Winning Designer is Sarah Burton creative director for Alexander McQueen. However the British fashion house Alexander McQueen was desperately denying having won the prized assignment which let’s face it they would be obliged to do. Mrs Burton has undoubtedly been chosen for her discretion, talent and quirky, feminine take on elegance.
Fashion sources said yesterday that the design of the dress would be a combination of Kate Middleton’s own ideas and Mrs Burton’s quirky interpretation of high fashion.

Kate Middleton has made it clear her dress designer is to remain a closely guarded state secret until her wedding day, so she can surprise her fiancé as she walks down the long, dramatic Westminster Abbey aisle.
Mrs Burton joined Alexander McQueen as an intern in 1996. She presented

Sarah Burton Design for Kate Middleton

Sarah Burton Design for Kate Middleton

her first collection at the Paris Fashion Week shortly after McQueen committed suicide in October last year. She drew praise for infusing McQueen’s unique style with a new element of femininity.


Her work is said to have caught Miss Middleton’s eye when she designed an off-the-shoulder wedding dress for Sara Buys, a fashion journalist who married Tom Parker Bowles, the son of the Duchess of Cornwall, in 2005. Mrs Burton, also designed a billowing red and black dress worn by Michelle Obama to a state dinner last year and has also worked on one-off creations for celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Despite her popularity, Miss Middleton was criticized for her conservative dress sense by Dame Vivienne Westwood at London Fashion Week last month.

Well maybe it’s just me but for Vivian Westwood to criticize anyone really is like pot kettle black. I’m not a big fan of Westwood, ok I lie I ‘m not a fan at all. The definition of the Westwood couture is to make it totally ridiculous and totally impractical and those who don’t see through the wacko and her whackery for what it is will say they love it. Heaven forbid Kate Middleton on her wedding day walking down the aisle with a stuffed monkey on her head and a banana hanging from each ear.
Vivienne Westwood Kate Middleton

Vivienne Westwood is now a Kate Middleton critique

Vivian Westwood looking like she’s fallen out of a nightclub and into a garbage bin. This creation we shall call “Don’t forget to brush yourself down in the morning”

Just a thought I wonder if Michelle Mone boss of Ultimo still has high hopes of designing Kate’s Bridal Lingerie.

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