Children Wearing Panties and Bra used as Models for French Lingerie Company

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Children Wearing Panties and Bra used as Models for French Lingerie Company

It appears Fox news is up in arms after jumping on the sensationalised story first released by Fashionista. The story? well it’s a new French lingerie line which is all about provocative [sic]  bras and panties for girls ages 4 through to 12. The line created by long-time French stylist Sophie Mori for French company jours-apres-lunes  describes itself as “the first designer brand dedicated to ‘Loungerie’ ( lingerie and lounge-wear) to be worn over and under, inside and outside for children and adolescents.

But the backlash against the designs and the campaign has already been severe in America. This follows the recent uproar over Vogue France’s recent photographs of 10-year-old model Thylane Loubry Blondeau in a skintight dress, posing provocatively on a tiger skin rug. The French reaction has been that of surprise by the American disgust over the blurred lines of childhood and adulthood.

The Collection by Jours Après Lunes.


What is so wrong?

Well its websites and News Channels and the media in general who sensationalize something in order to attract attention to themselves.
I find absolutely nothing wrong with these pictures, well other than maybe the use of face make-up. However even then it can be justified with the innocence of most young girls. Many when their mothers back is turned have dipped into mums make-up bag and experimented, even landing themselves into hot water (literally) when mum finds out.

America the worlds police force

Before the US takes on the mantle and elects itself as the world’s moral police I feel it should put its own house in order first. Pot Kettle Black. There is something much more alarming than those pictures involving children, it’s something pedophiles take an interest in, its legal, it’s happening still today, and it’s happening in America!.

Child Beauty Pageants

In America there are children, many of whom are pressurized by their parents into believing beauty should be the primary goal in a young girls life. This brings young girls in contact with fake tan, fake teeth, fake hair, fake smiles, and fake personalities. The children are judged based on individual looks, capability, poise, perfection and confidence. There is no law that prescribes how a child pageant must be managed, the rules are set by each contest promoter since they are exempt from the federal child labor laws, even though the child will practice for many hours a week.
I honestly feel that sexed-up little girls gyrating their hips as they sashay down a cat-walk in full makeup with teased hair and adult styled dresses is child abuse. Many girls will grow up with eating disorders, and this whole child circus will without question attract unwanted attention from pedophiles!

What’s worse the pictures from the jours apres lunes range or this 6 year old girl performance at a child pageant.


The Moral flag of America.

Footnote. I have travelled through France many times and have never met with a problem. The French are generally honest people and liberal in their thinking and life style. You rarely see a policeman, and you certainly don’t need a firearm ready to hand when you go to sleep at night.

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  1. Anonymous

    Your commentary is spot on. How much America has changed ever since the Meese report was published in 1986 which reported that pedophiles collect kids underwear ads. Almost over night child underwear ads were seen as being pornographic and quickly disappeared from major catalogs Sears and JC Penny’s, TV spots vanished, and America became the don’t show kids posing or wearing anything questionable. Americans also love to go around trying to enforce their own moral views on other countries all the while they harbor skeletons in their own closets. As you put it, American’s think they are the world’s moral police. If they don’t do or think that way in their country, neither should you.

  2. Solurius

    Seeing children in underwear is the same as seeing children in bathing suits. I don’t find it stimulating but I don’t find it disturbing either. Parents looking for underwear for their children need this kind of information and where to find it. What I find disturbing are those child pageants. The children are dressed but the sexual innuendo their parents have them show in their performances are far over the top. This isn’t cute. It’s disturbing.

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