Aimer Lingerie

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Aimer Lingerie

Aimer Lingerie

Aimer was founded in Beijing, China, in 1993 by Mr. Zhang Rongming. As one of the leading lingerie companies in China’s underwear industry, Aimer Group owns Beijing Aimer Lingerie Co. Ltd, Beijing International Trading Co., Ltd, Suzhou Meishanzi Garments Co., Ltd, and Beijing Huameili Garments Co., Ltd. As a professional and modernized enterprise, we focus our activities on women and men’s intimate apparel, including bras and panties, shape wear, thermal wear, pajamas, nightgowns, robes, swimwear and accessories..

Through its 15 years of operations, Aimer has established a complete design and marketing network. Today, Aimer employs more than 2,000 people who design, develop, promote, produce and export high quality products. Aimer Group products are sold under the brand names of Aimer (1993), La Clover (2004), Imi’s (2005), and AIMER men (2004). Our products are designed and developed at our Beijing headquarters. Our professional production bases and subsidiary fabric factories are located in Beijing and Suzhou, with a capacity of over 10 million pieces per year.

Aimer products are sold all over China, mainly through our chain stores. Today Aimer has over 380 special counters and more than 500 distribution sites in China, most of them positioned in well-known department stores. In 2007, Aimer’ s turnover was over €90 million, and the company was the top one in the Chinese lingerie industry. Our products are also distributed in Europe, USA, the Middle East, and Japan.

Today, Aimer Group has the aim of sharing with women a fashion lingerie culture. Since 2002, Aimer has held several brand-culture promotion activities like AIMER-DUNHUANG, Aimer Fashion Tour of China, and China Underwear Models Contest. It also holds the “International Underwear Trend Announcement” each year.

Aimer has never forgotten its social responsibility. In 2002, the company sponsored the “Mothers’ Health Express of Western China”, which was held by the China Women’s Federation. In 2004, it established Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology & Aimer Scholarship for a 10-year term. In 2006, the company was chosen as one of the first social responsibility trial enterprises in textile field. And in 2007, it established AIMER SUNSHINE GIRLS Education Fund at the China Children’s Foundation.

In the world of Aimer lingerie, the brand’s line is still quite provocative and has some similarities to the Victoria’s Secret “wings” that are so favored on the catwalk in Miami, though not quite as over-the-top as Victoria’s Secret!

  • Collections. The brand focus their activities on women and men’s intimate apparel, including bras and panties, shape wear, thermal wear, pajamas, nightgowns, robes, swimwear and accessories. With a very strong design ability which is keeping frequent communication with the leading global companies, the brand’s designers continuously create nearly 200 new products for Aimer customers in two seasons every year for the China market. For the international market, the designers develop tailor-made styles for each client. Any yardage of lace, fabric, even per bead is fulfilled by the creativity and great efforts of Aimer’s designers!
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